Midget RV & Trailer Service (HiLo Specialist)

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We are the only official HiLo parts, service and web-store.
We will help and assist you to keep your HiLo "high for the living and low for the tow".  All of our parts are the
same parts used in the construction of HiLo trailers.  The parts that must be custom made will be made by us former HiLo employees.

SERVICE  Feel confident.. when you bring your HiLo to us that we will give

you the best service and workmanship available. We pride ourselves on our

knowledge and understanding of HiLo trailers. We guarantee all of our work

to not only satisfy you, but to carry on the pride and quality of HiLo trailers.

 Contact us at-  ([email protected])or call 419 886-0008 M-F 8:00-4:40 est

 Available Service  replace: cables & adjustment /  bulb seal / glide blocks /      

guild rails / side walls (outside fiberglass composites) / inside paneling / ceiling

panels / metal roofing / lights / windows / vents / stink pipe / vinyl flooring /

cabinets / windshields / end caps / trim / pumps (lift system) / water pump /

furnace / refrigerator / sinks / ac / wiring  ([email protected])


Remodeling  Because there are no longer any HiLo Trailers being made and

you want to hang on to yours, why not have your HiLo remodeled? We have a

wood-shop that can completely renovate your trailer. Change the wall

paneling, cabinets, vinyl floor and cushions. For not much money you will

have a beautiful new looking HiLo.([email protected])


 Detailing includes:

(Inside) wash, sweep, fill holes, replace missing screws, replace any wall or

ceiling tape. wipe down cabinets, bathrooms etc. (Outside) strip out old sealer

& reseal, (if applicable) buff fiberglass caps to a mirror shine,  wash windows in

& out & re-caulk, remove side vents and blow out back of refrigerator. furnace, etc.

clean and re-caulk roof vents, check tires and tire

pressure, full inspection of cables, bulb seal, pulleys, pump, glide rails, glide

blocks, cable adjustment.(e-mail [email protected] for more details or

to schedule) there is a limited amount of spots open for detailing


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